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New York City

Blenheim Hill

Receive an Incentra dining guests special when eating at the Blenheim. Enliven your tastebuds with our locally produced and freshly made ingredients.


L'Artusi is a classy restaurant that takes on the style of a traditional Italian cuisine with a modern take, combining comfort with creativity into an appealing and modern experience.

Blue Hill

Opened in 2000, the original Blue Hill restaurant showcases local food with ingredients coming from the nearby Blue Hill Farm in Massachusetts, and the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Guests can choose from the four-course "Tasting Menu" to the six-course "Farmer's Feast." featuring meals inspired by the week's harvest.


RedFarm's signature approach to Chinese food features dim sum creations that master chef Joe Ng is known for: Pac Man dumplings; yuzu wasabi shrimp; mushroom spring rolls; and a sculptural chicken salad. Come and dine in at this innovative Chinese cuisine made with greenmarket sensibility.


Buvette combines the elegance of the old world café with the nature of a neighborhood eatery in it's part restaurant, part bar, and part café dining experience. Buvette is perfect for an early morning espresso, an afternoon lunch, or a late night digestif.


Volare sports a rich atmospheric history that makes you feel at home with a sense of ease and comfort before you have even taken your first bite. Holding to it's original formula of excellence in taste, this first-rate food will leave you wanting to come back for more.


From the team that brought you the RedFarm, Chef Joe Ng, and Ed Schoenfeld bring an inspiring take on the traditional peking duck. Crispy-skinned Peking Ducks are served with paper-thin pancakes, and accompanied by appetizers such as cold sweet potato noodles topped with uni and octopus sashimi salad served in a teapot overflowing with clouds.

Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites features authentic Belgian fries topped with a variety of extraordinary sauces designed to enliven your taste buds and give you the satisfaction you are looking for. Pommes Frites are easily the tastiest treat in town with their twice fried, golden brown, crunchy texture on the outside and soft insides.


Takashi is all about beef! Our choice cuts of Japanese and American Angus are grilled right at your table along with a selection of other meats. You'll be in cow-heaven with our selection of ribeye, short ribs, raw liver and flash-boiled Achilles tendon, among other cuts.

Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito is the perfect place to go for a quick and tasty lunch. Now on GrubHub our "yummy sticks" (sushi burritos) are great for takeout. Our Japanese noodle soups are also a popular takeout item as well.

Los Tacos No. 1

Authentic Mexican tacos made from fresh, simple, and tasteful ingredients straight from favorite family recipes from Tijuana, Mexico, and Brawley, CA. Taste true Mexican culture and flavor in each of our menu choices.

Loring Place

Loring Place is the culmination of a lifelong dream for highly sought after and beloved Chef Dan Kluger. Named after a street in the Bronx where Kluger's father grew up, Loring Place leads the industry with cutting edge delicious market-driven dishes, and delectable flavor combination menu choices. Loring Place spotlights locally grown and produced ingredients from farms Kluger has gotten to know personally over 20+ years in the industry.


Our plant-based, non gmo, menu is meant to inspire and promote a cultural shift towards sustainable, artisanal, and organic food whenever possible. Our menu features locally and globally grown ingredients from small and family farms.
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